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Platinum Sci-Fi Pack

Platinum Sci-Fi Pack
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About this Bundle

Take your gaming sessions to a whole new galaxy with the Platinum Sci-Fi Pack - featuring three Steam PC games set within the deepest, darkest corners of space and on distant worlds.

Experience intense dogfights and furious space combat in EVERSPACE. Your skills and talent for improvisation will be tested continuously in this single-player shooter as you piece together the puzzle of your existence through encounters with interesting characters, each having their own unique part of the story to tell.

You’ll collect and mine valuable resources to either repair your ship’s systems or to craft new equipment and modifications for a much-needed advantage. In addition, you can find blueprints for crafting and hunt for exotic weaponry and equipment - as well as travel through vast, procedurally-generated levels with untold numbers of hidden dangers and treasures.

A fast-paced, story-driven action-RPG set on the visually stunning planet, Everreach: Project Eden sees you take on the role of female protagonist Nora Harwood. She’s a member of Everreach’s Security Division on a mission to secure the colonization process of Eden and investigate mysterious incidents.

You’ll explore a vast alien world and descend into the planet’s depths to discover the ancient secrets of a long-forgotten civilization. Packed with tactical ground combat, high-speed vehicular warfare, and a compelling level and skill system, Everreach immerses you in its intriguing story and diversified gameplay.

Customize your skills and gear through a classic skill tree with over 80 upgrades; and engage in tactical battles, deploy forcefields or use the environment against your foes.

In strategy sim RPG The Long Journey Home, you’ll traverse across an endlessly shifting universe and form alliances with strange aliens, from the noble Wolphax Knights to the cruel-minded Ilitza slaver empire. Harness your crew’s skills in everything from research to archeology to diplomacy, and learn the laws of an often hostile universe, and make tough decisions that may change it forever.

Raid alien tombs full of traps and treasure, and compete in the galaxy’s greatest combat tournament. Find and research strange artifacts, and use your crew’s skills to find out whether that old skull is just a piece of bone or the Holy Grail of an aggressive new species.

Do whatever it takes to get back to Earth!

ACB rating of 6
ESRB rating of 13
PEGI rating of 7
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