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Platinum Tycoons Pack

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About this Bundle

Get creative, get business savvy, and show off your entrepreneur skills with the Platinum Tycoons Pack - featuring three Steam PC games strategy, building, and management simulation in mind!

In Rise of Industry, you’ll be able to create and optimize intricate production lines while keeping an eye on the all-important bottom line. As an early 20th Century industrialist, you’ll grow your empire and attempt to adapt to an ever-changing business landscape with unexpected events that could lead to boom…or bust!

Build factories, construct efficient production lines, move raw materials and produce finished goods. Arrange trade with the world's developing cities, providing them with the resources they need to flourish - for as they grow and prosper, so do you.

Huge, procedurally generated maps mean that you’ll always have room to expand your empire into whether in testing scenarios or sandbox mode where imagination is your only limit.

‘Very Positive’ rated Craftlands Workshoppe is a resource management and trading RPG where you’ll run your own store, master three noble crafts, and solve the former owner’s mysterious disappearance.

Unlock the tools of your trade, find the resources you need and follow recipes and blueprints to produce potent potions, gleaming weapons, and delicious food. Use your crafting skills to contribute to larger orders in asynchronous multiplayer gameplay - and reap the rewards!

Keep an eye on the popularity of your products and ensure your workshoppe’s fully stocked with them when the Customer Air Skip docks or shoppers will be heading away empty-handed. Get to know a motley crew of wacky characters who will help you complete your adventure, and master every recipe and build every blueprint to fashion a key that unlocks an unknown realm.

All aboard! The popular tycoon puzzle game series is back and in this sequel, there’s plenty to choo-choose from. In Train Valley 2, you’ll take your railroad company from the days of the Industrial Revolution and into the future, meeting the needs of the valley's cities and industries.

Prepare to build railroads, upgrade your locomotives, and keep your trains on schedule without delays or accidents. Keep your trains running on schedule across 50 levels in Company Mode, and upgrade your stock of locomotives and acquire advanced engines, with 18 models to unlock.

Produce and ship increasingly sophisticated goods in more than 45 types of train cars, and create your own Valleys - or play levels from other players - with Train Valley 2’s Level Editor Steam Workshop integration.

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