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Quantum Bundle

Quantum Bundle
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About this Bundle

Find quality and quantity with the brand new Quantum Bundle. With this exclusive roster, you’ll discover action-adventures, unique puzzlers and much more - including 9 new-to-bundle titles!

Join an old warrior and his daughter as they embark on a journey to defeat the enemies born from the Shadow in hack and slash RPG Fall of Light: Darkest Edition; explore a cyberpunk metropolis to uncover the deep dark secrets of the Syndicate in fast-paced stealth action Quantum Replica; and join a detective in a classic 1940s setting as he attempts to crack his toughest case yet in adventure puzzle platformer Renoir.

Make words come to life and defeat foes in a violent action-adventure unlike any other with Indie puzzle game Haimrik; explore a steampunk world of giant clock mechanisms and help restore time to its natural rhythm in action-adventure The Watchmaker; and build an army capable of defending human territories against the transhuman Augments in sci-fi turn-based strategy Codex of Victory.

Harvest energy and rescue your robotic friends before the abandoned, doomed planet Aurora crashes into the sun in space platformer Shiny; customize your arsenal of countless spells and duel the masters of the arena with their mythological beasts in pixel-action-adventure Gift of Parthax; and traverse eerie locations, solve puzzles and unravel the dark truth behind a secret soviet experiment in the story-driven psychological thriller In Fear I Trust episodes 1-4.

ACB rating of 15
ESRB rating of 17
PEGI rating of 16
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