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Reaper Bundle 4

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Sorry - This bundle has now ended.
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About this Bundle

The Reaper has returned with an exciting new collection. Treat yourself to 10 awesome Steam games including popular Indie hits with the Reaper Bundle 4!

Where will you venture first - perhaps you’ll embark on sci-fi adventures on distance planets, or maybe you’ll fight for victory in epic-scale fantasy battles - the choice is yours in this fantastic roster of PC titles.

Take on a demonic outbreak in bullet hell meets typing action with ‘Very Positive’ rated The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia; fight through an alternate World War with Nazis, zombies and gangsters spilling blood on the streets in Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2; and enter the battlefield as one of five mighty heroes and defeat hordes of monstrous foes with MMO real-time strategy Kingdom Under Fire 2.

Scheme against employees and expose corruption in dystopian strategy sim Beholder 2; grab your spear and brave the atmospheric yet deadly platformer Rain World; and pay tribute to the futuristic racers of yesteryear with a new fast-paced thriller in Redout: Enhanced Edition.

Use surveillance cameras to spy on strangers and sabotage dreams in the quirky dystopian strategy sim Do Not Feed the Monkeys; master your combat skills and use destructive elemental powers against dangerous foes in action RPG The Technomancer; and embrace the darkness as you follow the adventure of an assassin in a gritty medieval world with stealth action-adventure Shadwen.

If you thought that Hell on earth was bad, wait until you experience Hell in space. Run, hide, fight and - above all - survive as you attempt to find out what happened to your lost crew aboard a doomed starship in FPS survival horror Syndrome.

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