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Recoil Bundle

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Sorry - This bundle has now ended.
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Get £85.88 worth of games
12 Awesome games
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About this Bundle

Don't hesitate - grab yourself a 12-game collection of awesome indies with the Recoil Bundle!

From a time-manipulating shooter to spell-typing RPG, these action-packed games will add a sense of fantasy and futuristic sci-fi to your Steam library.

Manipulate time to dominate high-octane gunfights in Time Recoil; build your own cybernetic 'lawful-but-awful' soldier and fight crime in solo or co-op with JYDGE; and slay countless monsters and collect loot and gold in Spellspire.

Enjoy classic scrolling shoot 'em up gameplay in a sci-fi, procedurally driven world with Xenoraid: The First Space War; keep your cool in chaotic boss battles in cyberpunk-esque top-down shooter Neon Chrome; and lose a few hours in the fantasy puzzle-filled worlds of Sparkle Unleashed and Sparkle 2.

Plus, all 12 games include Steam Trading Cards!


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