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Refuge Bundle

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About this Bundle

It’s the perfect Indie game retreat. Enjoy eight adventure-filled Steam games from Ripstone with the Refuge Bundle.

From the creative minds of this Liverpool-based developer, you’ll experience a great mix of Indie games from various genres including RPGs, action-adventures and more.

Manipulate your way to the truth with the captivating narrative-driven puzzler The Spectrum Retreat; experience the most breathtaking chess game ever made with full VR support and Grandmaster approved AI with Chess Ultra; and enter a haunted house and jump into non-stop ghost annihilation with Extreme Exorcism.

Lead your 1800s steampunk mechs into strategy puzzle battles with Ironcast; help clumsy Janitor Zak on his quest to round up escaped exotic insects in adventure platformer Flyhunter Origins; and enter a surreal sticker-esque world and use your powers to solve the crime you didn’t commit in comedic platformer Stick it to The Man!

Explore over 1,800 rooms with multiple story-driven quests to complete in Indie adventure platformer Knytt Underground; and take on giant, dynamic bosses in bullet hell combat with twin-stick shoot ‘em up Really Big Sky.

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