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Roguelike Bundle

Roguelike Bundle
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About this Bundle

Do you have what it takes to survive? Experience unpredictable emergent gameplay and much more with the Roguelike Bundle!

This collection of 10 Steam PC games - featuring various roguelikes, roguelites, and procedural death labyrinths - will let you explore game worlds with a heavy emphasis on randomly generated levels and punishing permadeath!

Enjoy a unique trilogy that combines randomized loot and dungeons with and fast action combat as you hack and slash your way through dangerous bosses in bit Dungeon, bit Dungeon II, and bit Dungeon III; and help a technomage discover his own unspeakable powers in a battle against the Crucible of Fates in cyberpunk roguelite Leap of Fate.

Navigate through waves of enemies as beefed-up fish fighting for survival in chaotic shoot ‘em up Shutshimi; witness a modern take on the 16-bit era as you battle the forces of evil every step of the way in fantasy action-adventure strategy platformer A Valley Without Wind 2; and track down an ancient alien facility that holds the cure to a deadly plague ravaging the world in roguelike RPG Sword of the Stars: The Pit - Osmium Edition.

Forage, craft, and evade predators in a forgotten post-societal America in action-adventure roguelike The Flame in the Flood; discover randomized power-ups to help traverse obstacles and take down beasts in Metroidvania roguelike A Robot Named Fight!; and enter the facilities built by the ancient Suul'ka once again as you fight monstrous foes in FPS action roguelite The Pit: Infinity.

ACB rating of 15
ESRB rating of 13
PEGI rating of 16
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