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Sci-fi Bundle

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About this Bundle

It’s time to explore the dark corners of space and battle through futuristic worlds with the exclusive Sci-fi Bundle.

Featuring seven Steam PC games, you’ll experience challenging puzzles, frantic shooter action, and much more from this formidable and popular gaming genre. Make strategic decisions and gather vital resources to help fend off opposing forces in strategy action sim Voidship: The Long Journey; eliminate all viruses on your computer before they destroy you in retro FPS Cybershock: Future Parkour; and build your own cybernetic enforcer and eradicate crime in a never-sleeping megacity in top-down shooter JYDGE.

Solve diverse puzzles and make fateful decisions in an intriguing post-apocalyptic world in atmospheric Indie adventure The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day; follow two shipwrecked robots on a life-defining journey in open-world action-adventure Phoning Home; and rescue your Robotic colleagues from within a perilous asteroid belt in casual space puzzler Redirection.

Customize your mech to withstand what creatures lurk within the eerie dungeons that await in bullet hell action roguelike Starward Rogue.

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