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Staff Picks Bundle

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About this Bundle

In case you missed them the first time around... our favorite games from recent collections return in the brand-new Staff Picks Bundle!

We’ve brought together a fantastic selection of 12 Steam games for you to enjoy, showcasing highly-rated and much-loved titles from top publishers.

Create your crew and prepare them for their most dangerous mission yet and take to the skies in WWII strategy sim Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition; embark on a post-apocalyptic journey via operational train and explore mysterious stations swarming with the infected in pixel-style survival The Final Station; and attempt to make it to the finish line with all limbs attached as you create weird and wacky obstacles in the brutal racing action sim Guts and Glory.

Rediscover a classic action platformer with completely remastered sound and music, and brand-new ‘Rewind’ function, in Flashback; build your business empire and defend it from thieves in strategy RPG Shoppe Keep 2; and test your speed and reactions in a hellish world inspired by the likes of Quake 3 and Super Meat Boy in the ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ rated parkour platformer SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell.

Slash, tear and burn through legions of undead hell-bent on world domination in strategy RPG HERO DEFENSE; venture into a grotesque underworld on a quest to uncover a darker truth in adventure RPG Smoke and Sacrifice; and show your might as you save the kingdom on the brink of destruction in point and click adventure RPG Hero of the Kingdom III.

Shape the world to your liking raise hundreds of different species in the peaceful sandbox sim Equilinox; sharpen your surviving instincts in an unforgiving world where choices have consequences in action-adventure Deadlight; and enjoy a complete series of dark noir adventures with interrogations full of puns in Bear With Me: The Complete Collection.

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