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STAR WARS - Unleashed Bundle

STAR WARS - Unleashed Bundle
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About this Bundle

The Force is strong with this Steam bundle... 

You don't have to 'Sith' through hundreds of deals to find a great collection like this. Our latest 'Something for the Weekend' sees the return of the STAR WARS Unleashed Bundle - packed with sci-fi action that will take you far, far away through intergalactic exploration that both fans of the franchise and newcomers will love.

Join agent of the New Republic, Kyle Katarn, as you test your skills against a new evil plaguing the galaxy in STAR WARS Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast; and follows the path of a new Jedi-in-training under the guidance of Luke Skywalker in STAR WARS Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy.

It's time to take embark on a grand RPG adventure with the two 'Very Positive' STAR WARS - Knights of the Old Republic titles. Fulfill your destiny and learn the ways of the Force with single-player RPG STAR WARS - Knights of the Old Republic - in which players will master their awesome power in a quest to save the Republic, or be tempted over to the dark side.

Follow the light side or succumb to the dark in the sequel STAR WARS Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords, set five years after its predecessor, where the Jedi Order in ruin and the Republic’s only hope is a lone Jedi struggling to reconnect with the Force.

Witness the journey of Darth Vadar's secret Sith apprentice Galen Marek (AKA 'Starkiller') in STAR WARS - The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition. Including the original game and all DLC content, gamers will follow Starkiller's journey as he evolves into one of the most powerful beings in the universe - heading on a collision course with a legendary Jedi.

A returning bundle with the same great games, now at an even lower price! Don't miss your chance to get the STAR WARS Unleashed Bundle and save a total 88% off.

Plus, make any purchase during BundleFest and you’ll instantly become a festival VIP, with an exclusive discount off your next bundle purchase.

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