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Throwback Bundle

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About this Bundle

Take a step back into the retro age with the Throwback Bundle!

This collection features a legacy of popular and classic 2D titles, all of which are new-to-bundle. Venture across a fantasy realm casting spells and defeating an array of challenging foes in adventure RPG Brave Battle Saga - The Legend of The Magic Warrior; release the dinosaur race from under the spell of an evil creature in action platformer Radical Rex; and follow the romantic tales of ninjas from the Sengoku Period in anime visual novel adventure Nightshade.

Solve whodunnit as one of the 1940s most famous fictional private eye detectives in FMV strategy The Dame Was Loaded; lead a brave warrior into battle against brutal demons and unforeseen evils in action-adventure RPG Dragonview; and take on a cast of crazy characters in Puyo Puyo-esque strategy with Minskies.

For lovers of fantasy adventures, you’ll love Steve Meretzky's trilogy of magic-themed collegiate text ‘adventures-with-graphics’ in the Spellcasting Collection, where you’ll follow the story of Ernie Eaglebeak, a wizard-in-training at Sorcerer University.

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