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TurnVex Quad Pack

TurnVex Quad Pack
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About this Bundle

Experience the feeling of horror with the TurnVex Quad Pack available now. This pack contains the following:

  • Snafu
  • Is Simon There?
  • Within Skerry
  • Suite 776


Snafu is a horror game that takes a step back from the usual haunted house / paranormal style game and creates a unique horror environment using unconventional mechanics, story and charm. And of course some spooky moments in between. Snafu may be a horror game that is not for everyone, but it will definitely be an interesting experience.

Is Simon There?

A simple, short, horror experience - focusing primarily on creating an atmosphere full of tension and suspense.

Within Skerry

Within Skerry is a short horror development that places significant emphasis on creating an atmosphere of great terror, suspense, and anticipation for the player. Within Skerry also features a dark and twisted storyline with events and audio that will send shivers down your spine.

The Accumulation of Evil is an ancient book stating that if enough evil energy is concentrated in a single area, a dark force may be born.

Located on a skerry is a large mansion used to meet with many of the world’s top leaders. Is it rumored that during these meetings, world leaders - people of power and wealth - would engage in all sorts of horrific transactions. Some of these transactions are rumored to include weapons and drug trading, human trafficking, and murder.

Suite 776

A pure terror with a twisted backstory; jumping straight into the horrors surrounding Suite 776.

Suite 776 focuses on an intense environment or pure suspense, horror, and mystery. It was my intention when developing this game to keep the player on edge throughout the whole ride while immersing the player in all sorts of mystery, story, and curiosity.