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Tycoon Bundle

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Get £40.84 worth of games
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About this Bundle

We mean business! It’s time to set up shop and get ready to explore addictive sim Steam games in the Tycoon Bundle.

Within this collection lies six titles, all boasting creative and intriguing game worlds that await your business-savvy mind.

Keep your cauldron bubbling and help create powerful and reasonably priced swords for passing adventurers in Craft Keep VR; create your own sandbox-esque golf courses ready for the rich and famous in Resort Boss: Golf | Golf Tycoon Management Game; and venture through the addictive vibrant medieval worlds of Shoppe Keep and Shoppe Keep 2 - where you’ll need to stock your store with dangerous weapons, fancy hats, sturdy armor and magical potions!

Build the zoo of your dreams and entice visitors through the door with exotic animals in simulation strategy Zoo Park; and tend to a range of livestock, grow crops on rented fields and operate a range of machinery in order to make a living in management sim Farming World.

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