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Unity Programming Bundle

Unity Programming Bundle
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About this Bundle

Take game design from a passion to a career by learning new skills with the Unity Programming Bundle. Featuring eight new-to-Fanatical courses, you’ll gain knowledge and experience in creating a great variety of game projects ranging from 2D and 3D to working on games for multiple platforms.

Get to grips with Unity’s UI and learn how to create a menu and lobby system with Intro to Multiplayer Game Development; lay the foundations for a grand world and sync all elements through the network to give players a shared experience with RPG – Multiplayer Projects; and understand how to set up dynamic units with stats, attack ranges, and move ranges in your game with Turn-Based Game – Multiplayer Projects.

Learn how to create a Quest Database, allowing users to keep track of Quests that they’ve made progress on or completed, with RPG Development - Quest System; generate randomized dungeon rooms and unique battle systems with The Complete 2D Roguelike Course; and add detail to your games by manipulating 3D audio sources and creating footstep sound effects with Game Audio Effects for Beginners.

Create local multiplayer games based on retro classic titles with Unity 2D Projects - Toads and Fireflies; and learn to make mobile games profitable by adding ad displays to your Unity game projects with Mobile Game Monetization with Ads.

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