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Untamed Bundle

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About this Bundle

Go wild and add a fierce line-up of awesome Steam PC games to your library with the brand-new Untamed Bundle!

Featuring 11 keys*, you’ll experience gripping horror, action-packed platformers, open-world adventures and much more. Embark on a frightening journey as you search for your missing son in third-person horror adventure Through the Woods; customize your own bunker and train your gang of revolutionaries to survive in the unforgiving world of roguelite FPS Bunker Punks; and fight your way through hideous and hilarious monsters to appease you game show viewers in action FPS Killing Room.

Witness a classic arcade platformer remade with all-new hand-drawn graphics in Toki; attempt to flee from a high school while being pursued by a psychotic killer in horror action-adventure The Coma: Recut Deluxe; and immerse yourself in a gripping sci-fi story with mind-bending puzzles and hidden secrets with action-adventure The Way.

Set sail in a large procedurally-generated world with swashbuckling naval combat in sandbox Indie Windward; enjoy a remastered action strategy RPG lovingly built by developers and the loyal community in which the classic meant so much with Space Rangers HD: A War Apart; and head to a mysterious island where bitter cold and vicious creatures conspire to defeat the unprepared in open-world survival Savage Lands.

Take yourself away from the day-to-day troubles and step into a unique surreal universe filled with music, humor and multi-layered narrative with action-puzzle platformer Figment.

*The Coma: Recut Deluxe is delivered as two keys.

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