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Very Positive Bundle 3

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Sorry - This bundle has now ended.
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Get £75.10 worth of games
8 Awesome games
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About this Bundle

Gamers love them, and so will you! Highly-rated games are waiting for you in the Very Positive Bundle 3.

Featuring eight Steam PC games, you’ll experience a roster of games that have deservedly been given the thumbs up from fellow players. Choose your path and experience multiple endings through crazy adventures in the ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ Reventure; let your twitchy trigger fingers do the talking against waves of alien-like creatures in tower defense Let Them Come; and head into over-the-top, comical and fast-paced action in an alternate world where gangsters and zombies are all at war in Guns, Gore & Cannoli.

Enjoy a full-blown RPG specifically designed to keep you engaged and learn a new language with the Learn Japanese to Survive Trilogy; build your reputation both on and off the track and become a World Champion with F1 2018; and build railways, manage traffic and (hopefully) stay accident-free with Train Valley.

Turn your humble restaurant into an award-winning cuisine empire in strategy sim Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!; and band together with other animals, form uneasy allies or choose to explore alone in MMO Meadow.


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