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Very Positive Bundle 5

Very Positive Bundle 5
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About this Bundle

Eight highly-rated games, one awesome bundle! Treat yourself to some popular Indie Steam titles in our Very Positive Bundle 5 - including four new-to-bundle games!

Craft potions and sell them to customers from your own store in Alchemy Garden; enter a dystopian world with turn-based strategic combat and permanent consequences for your actions in Rain of Reflections: Set Free; and travel across frantic levels inspired by classic video game worlds arcade action-adventure Arcade Mayhem Juanito.

Safely transport the King’s remains through dangerous underground caves in physics-based adventure Chariot; join a young scribe on his medieval quest against the Word King and his elite warriors in Haimrik; and experience a thrilling point-and-click adventure where a gifted investigator must track a serial killer in the heart of the Tang Dynasty's capital city with Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders.

Toy Story, eat your heart out… it’s time to run, jump and butt-slide into the glorious toy-filled world of Action Henk, featuring over 70 tracks and a full-fledged level editor mode.

ACB rating of 15
ESRB rating of 17
PEGI rating of 16
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