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Virtual Arts Studio Triple Puzzle Pack

Virtual Arts Studio Triple Puzzle Pack
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About Virtual Arts Studio Triple Puzzle Pack

About this bundle

This bundle includes:

  • Magicolors
  • SMIB: Mission Cure
  • The Awakening of Mummies

This exclusive Fanatical Puzzle pack includes Magicolors, SMIB: Mission Cure and The Awakening of Mummies.


You are a Wizard, who to perfect himself in the art of magic, begins a challenging journey.

Using the power of your staff and the ability to solve puzzles, you will acquire the energy of rare crystals and unlock powerful spells. Are you ready for this journey?

SMIB: Mission Cure:

SMIB is a small robot with a big problem. Humankind can’t smile anymore and sent SMIB to space to find the cure. It needs YOU to remotely program its routes in its biggest mission: an adventure through the most exotic planets in the Universe. Solve puzzles, find the cure, and get SMIB back to Earth!

The Awakening of Mummies:

Using your puzzle-solving skills, guide all mummies through various chambers full of traps to finally set them free from the evil Pharaoh Cléo.