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Call of the Sea - Artbook

Call of the Sea - Artbook
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Downloadable Content. This content requires Call of the Sea on the same platform in order to play

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About Call of the Sea - Artbook

About this DLC

The Art of Call of the Sea includes a selection of concept art, sketches, and 3D renders of the beautiful environments, characters, locations and puzzles featured in the game. This downloadable book contains large, full-color pages, that will take you on a journey of the different visual directions we took for the game.

We started the development of the art style with references to real landscapes of the Polynesian islands, then progressively added stranger elements typical of ancient and unknown civilizations. We wanted to emphasize that the deeper someone travels into the island, the more fantastic it becomes.

The use of light and color enhances the journey of the main character, conveying her emotions and portraying her evolution along the game.

The Art of Call of the Sea offers a style of great visual richness, stylized, striking but without stridency, always subject to the narration and the emotions of the characters following the literary, visual and cultural sources in which it is inspired.

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