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Call of the Sea - Soundtrack

Call of the Sea - Soundtrack
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About Call of the Sea - Soundtrack

About this DLC

The Call of the Sea Original Soundtrack by Eduardo de la Iglesia features 23 songs composed exclusively for the game.

The music of Eduardo de la Iglesia transports you to the immensity of the unknown in the depths of the Pacific with his wonderful compositions. The relationship between Harry and Norah and their affectionate nickname Old Pal refers to the post-war song by Harold Robe and Gitz Rice performed by John McCormack. Eduardo composed a piano arrangement of the song masterfully performed by Cissy Jones and Yuri Lowenthal, the two voice actors of Norah and Harry respectively.

Eduardo also composed an Aparima as a homage to the Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance), inspired by the wonderful culture of the French Polynesia and sung by his father Ángel de la Iglesia, a talented singer for many years.

The Call of the Sea Main Theme is a beautiful mix of adventure, mystery, romance, and melancholy, that sets the mood of the game and transports you to the mysterious nameless island. Please join us in this journey.

All tracks composed, produced, and mixed by Eduardo de la Iglesia.

  • “Te Reo O Te R'ai” sung by Ángel de la Iglesia.
  • “My Dear Old Pal” sung by Cissy Jones and Yuri Lowenthal. Vocal arrangement by Kyle Puccia. Piano performance and theme arrangement by Eduardo de la Iglesia.
  • Cover art by Jose Leote Durán.

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