Cities: Skylines - Sunny Breeze Radio

Cities: Skylines - Sunny Breeze Radio
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About Cities: Skylines - Sunny Breeze Radio

About this DLC

Palm trees sway on the city’s waterfront as you soak up the sun while the music plays. The waves call to you as you kick off your shoes to the sounds of summery electronic beats. Sunny Breeze Radio matches that mood perfectly with 16 modern synth tracks. Kick back and let everything align to create the perfect summer day chill.

YouTube Videos

[Bloxburg] [ Tokyo 2050: Central Station ] SPEEDBUILD

June 12, 2022

Cities Skylines - Vanilla City EXTRA: BUS RIDE 3

February 17, 2022

Melbourne and Tasmania; Australia, 1960s - Film...

November 29, 2021
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