Craft The World - Temples of 4 Elements

Craft The World - Temples of 4 Elements
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About Craft The World - Temples of 4 Elements

About this DLC

The Temples of the Four Elements DLC will take you to a new world with unique objects, monsters, and game features, which you can explore in Campaign or Custom Game mode.

Key features:

  • The elemental temples are scattered around the world and guarded by the most sinister monsters! Defeat them and liberate the ancient monks, who will forever fight by your side.
  • Mountainous landscape with peculiar friendly and hostile mobs, as well as special plants and trees.
  • Updated Tech Tree with unique sets of armor, bladed weapons, and firearms, which will only be available in this world.
  • New interior items, building blocks, materials, and dishes inspired by East-Asian culture.

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