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Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea

Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea
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Downloadable Content. This content requires Dead Cells on the same platform in order to play


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About Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea

About this dlc

Battle your way through a rotten shipwreck, scale a burning lighthouse and confront your deadliest foe yet. If you manage to make it through all that, maybe you’ll finally get off this god-forsaken island...

This late-game content gives you an alternative to the High Peak Castle, Derelict Distillery and Throne Room biomes.

Infested Shipwreck: Fight through the claustrophobic hallways of a sunken vessel, while multi-legged eldritch abominations hunt you from the shadows.

Lighthouse: Ascend this soaring tower while fending off the relentless attacks of the Queen’s Guardians and outrunning the hungry flames rising from below.

The Crown: Try to get off this cursed island by lighting the beacon at the lighthouse summit. However, your past won’t let you go without a fight...

This DLC also gives you the usual extras:
- 9 new weapons, including a throwable shark, a trident and a pirate hook hand (eyepatch not included)
- a not-so-cute pet
- loads of outfits
- new enemies to bash

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