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Dying Light - Snow Ops Bundle

Dying Light - Snow Ops Bundle
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About Dying Light - Snow Ops Bundle

About this dlc

Bundle up with the new Snow Ops DLC, and let your enemies taste the freeze!

Level up selected skill trees faster with the special outfit, and use the new grenade launcher to freeze your enemies!

New threats require special new equipment. Fortunately, our scientists from Harran have helped create a set that will allow you to face every single one of them and increase your chances of survival. 

The Winter Warrior outfit, tailored especially for you, will keep you warm even in the worst of freeze. Put it on, and you’ll also gain a 20% bonus to leveling up your agility, power, survivor and legend skill trees. All so that you can take on any challenge at the top of your game. But an outfit is not enough to deal with all the threats in Harran. You’ll need a weapon too, and Dr. Camden did remember about it. He constructed a true masterpiece—the Snowstorm! It's a unique grenade launcher that will hit your enemies with a real cold snap, completely freezing them. Use his inventions to fight off the upcoming challenges, and make sure Harran is safe! 

The Snow Ops bundle:

  • The Winter Warrior outfit:
  • 20% bonus to leveling up your agility, power, survivor and legend skill trees
  • The Snowstorm grenade launcher:
  • freezes nearby enemies
  • higher recoil
  • 6 grenades in magazine
  • unique shooting and reloading animation and sound

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