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Eldevin: Premium Rhinotaur Pack

Eldevin: Premium Rhinotaur Pack
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Downloadable Content. This content requires the base game on the same platform in order to play


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About Eldevin: Premium Rhinotaur Pack

About this dlc

Begin your adventure in Eldevin in style with the 'Rhinotaur' premium pack!

Rhinotaur Mount
Ride around the mythical realms of Eldevin on your Aurelian Rhinotaur mount! The mount will be available to all your characters, and includes maximum riding skill for free on one character!

2 Steam Backpacks
Expand your inventory with over 128 additional slots! (2 x 64) The bags can be moved freely between your characters via the account vault. Each bag includes a token to unlock a bag slot on a character.

Eldevin Champion Set
Wear an epic Vanity set and take on the role of the 'Champion' of Eldevin Kingdom. This set can be transfered to any of your characters!

4 Birth Stones
Create 4 additonal character's allowing you to create a character for each of the 6 class specifications in the game. (Warrior, Templar, Mage, Prohet, Ranger, Assassin)

1000 Eldevin Points
A premium currency that can be used in the Eldevin Market or traded with other players.

Allows you to revive yourself instantly where you died with 100% Health and 50% Mana. (24 hour cool-down)

Note : All items except the Eldevin Points are bound to your Eldevin account. Once learned the Rhinotaur Mount will be available on all characters on your account however you will be required to learn the riding skill on each character after the first to use it.

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