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Galactic Civilizations III Soundtrack

Galactic Civilizations III Soundtrack
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About Galactic Civilizations III Soundtrack

About this dlc

Purchase the soundtrack for Galactic Civilizations III containing over 2 hours of high-fidelity music across 40 tracks from composers Geoff Knorr, Michael Curran and Mason Fisher. This soundtrack DLC contains both uncompressed FLAC and VBR MP3 formats converted from the original production .wav files.

Note: Files are installed to your Galactic Civilizations III Steam install directory in the OST folder.


  • The Imminent Crusade
  • The Endeavor Begins
  • The Terrans
  • The Drengin
  • The Thalans
  • The Krynn
  • The Iconians
  • The Altarians
  • The Yor
  • The Iridium
  • Interplanetary Travels
  • Planets
  • The Enemy's Empire
  • The Drengin Threat
  • The Age of Expansion
  • Govern
  • Drengin War
  • Restoring a Galaxy
  • Terran's War
  • The Uncertain Future
  • Shipyard
  • Altarian's War
  • Solitude
  • Krynn War
  • Design
  • Yor War
  • Subtlety
  • Iridium War
  • Facing the Future
  • Iconian's War
  • Eve of Destruction
  • Thalan's War
  • Drone of the Crusade
  • Culture
  • Galactic Liberation
  • Diplomacy
  • Crusade
  • United Planets
  • Celestial Spheres
  • End Credits

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