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GameGuru - Antiques In The Attic Pack

GameGuru - Antiques In The Attic Pack
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About GameGuru - Antiques In The Attic Pack

About this DLC

GameGuru Antiques In The Attic Pack

If your game idea requires old-style decor to populate and furnish your levels, then look no further than this amazing collection of over 100 high-quality, PBR ready assets for your next game-making project.

The detail you get from each object in this assembly is superb, and yet you get a huge choice of items, including:

  • 5 Bed Objects
  • 6 Chairs
  • 6 Books
  • 11 Cabinet Pieces
  • 3 Cat Cage Pieces
  • 10 Fireplace Poker and Log Pieces
  • 4 Grandfather Block Pieces
  • 3 Radios
  • 3 Old Bottles
  • 3 Luggage Boxes
  • 4 Rugs
  • 3 Shelve Units
  • 3 Standing Globe Pieces
  • 5 Tables
  • 2 Vacuum Cleaner

You also get a statue, canoe, chandeliers, coat hanger, desk lamp, doll, desk fan, frame, iron stove, lamp, mannequin, old lamp, old bathtub, old sled, old TV, old washing machine, phone, pistol, ski and pole, standing lamp, tennis racket, trumpet, typewriter, violin, washer and an old wheelbarrow. These game ready objects would not be out of place in a contemporary AAA game, and they can be yours for an amazing price.

To use this pack, when you run GameGuru and click on Add New Entity in the Library you will see a category called "Antiques In The Attic". Click on this to start browsing through your new game assets. All the assets in this pack are royalty-free, meaning any game you make with them can be legally sold by you.

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