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Heart of Crown PC - Northern Enchantress

Heart of Crown PC - Northern Enchantress
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Downloadable Content. This content requires Heart of Crown PC on the same platform in order to play


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About Heart of Crown PC - Northern Enchantress

About this dlc

A new princess joins the battle for the throne, the Princess of the North - Anastasia!

Nestled at the very edge of the Empire is the Northern Limit Territory, a frosty domain of ambitious witch-princess Anastasia. Having inherited these frozen lands from her mother, a powerful witch and mistress of the late-emperor Hellard, Anastasia’s royal lineage compels her to keep a watchful eye on the ongoing race for the Imperial throne. Wielding her powerful illusion-based magic, she plots her next step to succession…

Northern Enchantress Expansion Features:

  • 13 new unique cards interplayable with the base game: new mechanics expand gameplay!
  • New Princess: Anastasia, Witch of the Northern Limits!
  • Unique theme song for each Princess sets the mood for the race to the throne!
  • More Card Sets! Pre-built and proven fun, themed around the new cards and more!
  • New scenarios sighted! Delve deeper into the mysteries of the Northern Limit Territory through dozens of unlockable scenario stories!
  • Fully compatible with the base game! Play multiplayer using non-expansion cards with any Heart of Crown player!

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