Imperator: Rome Centurion Bundle

Imperator: Rome Centurion Bundle
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About Imperator: Rome Centurion Bundle

About this DLC

The splendor of the classical world shines in Imperator: Rome, but even the most glamorous palace could use a splash of extra color. This Content Bundle includes all of the themed expansions for Imperator: Rome in one package, so you can add the glories of Pyrrhus and the quarrels of the Diadochi for one low price.

The Centurion bundle includes:

Epirus Content Pack:

  • Events related to the life and campaigns of Pyrrhus, unique army and ship models, 3 special Epirus events and the Oracle of Dodona.

Magna Graecia Content Pack:

  • Mission trees for Athens, Sparta and Syracuse, new deities tied to religious sites, Sacred Treasures for temples, and the Apotheosis option for truly great leaders.

Heirs of Alexander:

  • Unique mission trees for the Successor states of Alexander’s empire, Diadochi themed missions to unite the fractured Hellenistic kingdoms, Wonder Designer, new events, new deities, new treasures.


  • Original compositions created for Imperator: Rome, including music composed for each of the content packs.

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துன்ப வாழ்வு மாற்றத் திருமந்திரம் கூறும் வழிகள்
July 14, 2020
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