Imperator Rome - Epirus Content Pack

Imperator Rome - Epirus Content Pack
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Downloadable Content. This content requires Imperator: Rome on the same platform in order to play

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About Imperator Rome - Epirus Content Pack

About this DLC

As Rome’s power extended to the Greek colonies in Southern Italy, it was forced to do battle with one of the great generals of the classical world. Pyrrhus of Epirus, warlord of western Greece and claimant to the Macedonian throne, would become famous for the high cost of his victories against the Roman legions, but he left behind a legacy of military genius that Hannibal of Carthage considered second to only Alexander.

Epirus Content Pack includes:

  • Unique Army Model for Epirus
  • Unique Ship Model for Epirus
  • Special Epirote Monument: the Oracle complex of Dodona
  • 6 Event Chains related to the life of Pyrrhus of Epirus each with new art
  • 3 Additional Epirus Event chains, new to Imperator: Rome
  • One new music track

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November 30, 2014
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