King's Bounty: Legions | True Tactician Ultimate Pack DLC

King's Bounty: Legions | True Tactician Ultimate Pack DLC
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Downloadable Content. This content requires the base game on the same platform in order to play

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About King's Bounty: Legions | True Tactician Ultimate Pack DLC

About this DLC

A balanced starter kit for the online strategy game King's Bounty: Legions. Take command of a squad of powerful creatures, enjoy fine artefacts and King's Aura for 30 days - and all at a discount!

This kit was assembled based on recommendations from the top-rated players of King's Bounty: Legions. It contains units that go best together. With a capable commander, an army like this can help you defeat most of the opponents you encounter.

Use the collection recommended by the top players and lead your army to victory! Thorn Hunters will provide cover fire. Eyebeasts will help by supplementing ranged attacks with their sleep-inducing ray. Nimble and agile pirates can burst through the enemy ranks. Speedy and powerful Night Wolves can replenish their own health. Powerful Ancient Ents will send swarms of wild bees at the enemy, revive their allies and improve defense for several turns.

Artefacts in the kit are selected to complement the squad's strengths, granting maximum bonus to stats.

Buy the set from the finest tacticians in King's Bounty: Legions! You will get a set of standard hero's gear, a collection of 5 types of your chosen creatures to form a battleworthy army, and also King's Aura for 30 days.

  • Creatures in the kit: 9 Ancient Ents, 25 Eyebeasts, 17 Night Beasts, 125 Thorn Hunters and 100 Pirates.
  • Artefacts in the kit: Moon Sword, Shield of the Ancients, Armor of the Ancients, Runed Belt, Horned Helm and Golden Sandals.
  • King's Aura yields: +100% gold, +10% leadership and +100% resource drop chance.

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