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Moving Out - Original Soundtrack

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Moving Out - Original Soundtrack
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About Moving Out - Original Soundtrack

About this DLC

Moving Out Original Soundtrack

A smooth mover needs smooth grooves to move to and you'll get just that with the Moving Out OST. Enjoy 10 game tracks of 80s inspired instrumental grooves by music composer legend Lenny “The Touch” Macaluso, perfect for all moving mayhem! Also includes six original vocal versions of game instrumentals plus three bonus tracks.

Track list:
1. Moving Power (feat. Greg Evigan)
Lenny Mac
2. Movin' & Groovin'
Lenny Mac
3. Tight
Lenny Mac
4. Still Got It (feat. Rick Bell)
Lenny Mac
5. So Smooth
Rick Bell
6. Bodacious
Geoff Levin Band
7. Rockin' Moves
Lenny Mac
8. Rad
Lenny Mac
9. Way To Go
Lenny Mac
10. Slam Dunk
Funk Brothers
11. One Track Mind - Moving Power
Greg Evigan
12. One Track Mind 1987
Greg Evigan
13. Skin Tight - Movin' & Groovin'
Lenny Mac featuring Mendy Lee
14. Cheapshot - Tight
Lenny Mac featuring Vanessa
15. I Wasn't Born Yesterday - Still Got It
Lenny Mac/Rick Bell featuring Mendy Lee
16. Operator - Way To Go
Lenny Mac featuring Mendy Lee
17. Never Surrender [Bonus Track]
Lenny Mac featuring Joe Lamont
18. Thunder In Your Heart [Bonus Track]
Lenny Mac featuring Joe "Bean" Esposito
19. Never Surrender [Bonus Track]
Stan Bush from "Kickboxer"

Moving Out is available now!

© 2020 Macaluso Music
℗ 2020 Macaluso Music

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