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RPG Maker VX Ace: Inspirational Vol. 3

RPG Maker VX Ace: Inspirational Vol. 3
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Downloadable Content. This content requires RPG Maker VX Ace on the same platform in order to play


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About RPG Maker VX Ace: Inspirational Vol. 3

About this dlc

This content requires the base application RPG Maker VX Ace on Steam in order to run, available to purchase from the Bundle Stars Store here. Please note: RPG Maker VX Ace video footage shown above.
Inspirational Vol.3 explores emotional pieces, epic songs and modern staples! 

The third volume of the Inspirational series delves into the ambient and intense world of emotion, including themes enhanced with female vocals. Then the music jumps into the intense world of epic themes, ranging from orchestral battles to elaborate villain themes and more. Lastly, there's a medley of modern themes - including perfect songs for swanky city life and modern combat. 

  • 12 Emotional Tracks 
  • 13 Epic Tracks 
  • 12 Modern Tracks 
  • Large variety of instruments and sounds 
  • Royalty free music to use in your commercial and non-commercial RPG/IG Maker projects
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YouTube Videos

Episode 2 - Dropping the RPG mechanics.mp4
May 30, 2012
Créer des cartes plus belles - Tutoriel Mapping
March 24, 2018
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