RPG Maker MZ - Modern Day Music Mega-Pack Vol 03

RPG Maker MZ - Modern Day Music Mega-Pack Vol 03
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Downloadable Content. This content requires RPG Maker MZ on the same platform in order to play

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About RPG Maker MZ - Modern Day Music Mega-Pack Vol 03

About this DLC

This mix of metal, retro electronica, and contemporary orchestra will solidly set your game in the modern moment! These twenty tracks from composer Joel Steudler cover a variety of moods from serene to headbanging, and some drama in-between. Also included are twenty-five sound effects suitable for the present day, and fifteen music events to use as transitions, game-overs, or stirring stingers!


  • 20 BGM tracks covering battle, drama, metal, themes, and towns!
  • 15 useful music events (MEs) that are great for transitions or short moments that need an extra touch!
  • 25 SFX fit for present-day settings
  • .ogg and .m4a formats included.
  • Royalty-free music to use in your commercial and non-commercial projects.


  • Battle - Emergency Power
  • Battle - Leather Jacket
  • Battle - Neon Dreaming
  • Battle - Rave Digger
  • Drama - A Little Drama
  • Drama - Cold Flame
  • Drama - Federal Agents
  • Drama - Inner Turmoil
  • Metal - Djentlemen
  • Metal - Knotted Up
  • Metal - Overkillers
  • Metal - Sicker Business
  • Theme - Autumn Dreams
  • Theme - My Country
  • Theme - Remembering Hurts
  • Theme - Winter Birds
  • Town - City Walk
  • Town - Nightlife Photographer
  • Town - Rememorex
  • Town - Shopping District

Terms of Use:

  • This pack is for use in the RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
  • OK to be used in commercial projects
  • Contents can be edited
  • OK for use in games with gore
  • OK for use in adult-rated games

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