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Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms - Official Soundtrack

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms - Official Soundtrack
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About Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms - Official Soundtrack

About this dlc

This is the official soundtrack of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms written and composed by Dynamedion. The main theme as well as the trailer theme were recorded exclusively by the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra in Hungaria.

Track List:

  • 01. Introduction
  • 02. Between the Roots of the Cosmic Tree
  • 03. Broken Spear Pass
  • 04. Darmok's Last Fight
  • 05. Meeting Nomads
  • 06. Deep Crypts
  • 07. Entering Kyallisar
  • 08. In the Fighter Guild
  • 09. In the Taymurian Wilds
  • 10. Taymurian Conclave
  • 11. Test of Will
  • 12. Main Theme
  • 13. Prologue
  • 14. Souls of the Devourer
  • 15. Travelling through the Jagged Peaks Mountains
  • 16. Through the Gates of Dura'Tyr
  • 17. Visiting the Civil Mage
  • 18. Walk in the Outlands
  • 19. Walking through the Fortress of the Fallen Eagle
  • 20. Entering the Tree of the Worlds
  • 21. Launch Trailer
  • New tracks:
  • 22 - Oasis - Bonus Track
  • 23 - Imperial Tombs Legacy - Bonus Track
  • 24 - Barbicans of Thole - Bonus Track
  • 25 - Boss Fight - Bonus Track
  • 26 - Sacred Tombs - Bonus Track
  • 27 - Darkness of KogoogAak - Bonus Track

Shadows is an Action-RPG set in a fantastic world where demons walk the thin line between life and death, determining the fate of the world.

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