Stronghold: Warlords - The Mongol Empire Campaign

Stronghold: Warlords - The Mongol Empire Campaign
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Downloadable Content. This content requires Stronghold: Warlords on the same platform in order to play

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About Stronghold: Warlords - The Mongol Empire Campaign

About this DLC

Taking players from the Siege of Wuhan through tales of civil war, skirmishes against the Song Dynasty and more, The Mongol Empire Campaign provides players with six new historical missions. Chronicling Kublai Khan’s infamous exploits in mainland China, from the Siege of Dali in 1253 to the establishment of the Yuan Dynasty, The Mongol Empire brings an exciting chapter of Mongolian military history to life, while also testing the mettle of Stronghold veterans!

Expanding the single player campaign available in the Stronghold: Warlords base game, this new campaign DLC depicts over a decade of military conflict across six new missions. As Kublai Khan’s story progresses players can expect a unique set of maps with fresh tactical scenarios and objectives to overcome, truly earning the title of Khagan. As part of this new campaign, The Mongol Empire DLC also introduces two completely new controllable AI warlords, playable in skirmish mode and online multiplayer.

Monkey Warlord

The Monkey Warlord is all about surprising his enemies with unpredictable tactics and sudden castle breaches. Able to mimic other warlord abilities upon capture, the simian strategist chooses his unique perk at random from other warlords on the map. This resets each time a Monkey is captured and is further randomised if only other Monkey Warlords are present. Recapture to reroll an ideal perk for the situation and your enemies will be gibbon no quarter!

When it comes to his Edict commands, the Monkey Warlord can provide wood shipments to boost your economy, but also send out Auxiliary unit attacks to harass the enemy. Perhaps his most useful Edict however comes in the form of the Laddermen relief force, allowing you to deploy a squad of units near enemy castles and quickly clamber up onto their ramparts.

Peacock Warlord

The Peacock Warlord knows the importance of keeping up appearances, boosting your economy and popularity. He accomplishes this with a perk that not only increases popularity from clothing, but also gives your villagers some of the finest attire in the land.

The Peacock Warlord can donate precious Silks to support your production of fine clothing, further boosting popularity and allowing for lucrative high taxes! Gold shipments are also an option, in case you find yourself in need of particularly expensive castle defences or Military Academy units. Finally the Peacock can in a pinch offer a relief force of Imperial Bannermen, capable of increasing the survivability of your existing army by boosting morale.

DLC Features

  • New Story - Become the Mongol Emperor, ruling as Kublai Khan in six historical conflicts.
  • Six Missions - Put your Stronghold skills to the test with a series of challenging scenarios.
  • Two Warlords - Subdue the enemy without fighting using new perks, edicts and upgrades.
  • The Monkey Warlord - Monkey around by stealing unique abilities from rival warlords.
  • The Peacock Warlord - Boost your economy and peasant popularity with the finest garbs.
  • Extra Achievements - Claim the title of Stronghold completionist with 10 achievements.

Please Note: The Mongol Empire Campaign is downloadable add-on content, requiring the full Stronghold: Warlords game to play. The Kublai Khan AI opponent is included with the Warlords base game and is free to use for all players in skirmish mode and multiplayer.

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