Tank Warfare: Operation Pugilist

Tank Warfare: Operation Pugilist
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Downloadable Content. This content requires Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 on the same platform in order to play

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About Tank Warfare: Operation Pugilist

About this DLC

The spring offensive of the British forces in Eastern Tunisia began with an attempt of a frontal breakthrough of the Mareth defensive line. After a massive bombing and a fire assault, British forces consisting of 50th Northumberland Infantry Division and 50th Royal Tank Regiment launched an attack on the coastal part of the Mareth line fortifications. Infantry of 8th Battalion Durham Light Infantry crossed Wadi Zigzaou and captured two small bridgeheads on the left bank: Ouerzi and Ksiba Ouest. The main obstacle for continuing the offensive is the river in flood after rains. Spanned crossings for heavy vehicles are collapsing quickly by flow of water, which made crossing difficult for tanks and artillery.

  • Two operations of 12 turns for each of the parties (Mareth Line, March 22-24, 1943).
  • Precisely recreated area of over 100 sq. km: seashore, strong points and oases, a desert with harsh terrain and extensive gullies.
  • Historical organizational structure of units at the time of the offensive.

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