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Train Valley 2 - Myths & Rails DLC

Train Valley 2 - Myths & Rails DLC
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Downloadable Content. This content requires Train Valley 2 on the same platform in order to play

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About Train Valley 2 - Myths & Rails DLC

About this DLC

Myths And Rails unleash the most bizarre and silly episodes of your railroad transportation company’s everyday schedule. Intergalactic trade agreements, alternate timelines, forgotten treasures, and flying cars - timely deliveries are the key to success.

A fine-tuned railway network will always smooth things out no matter how peculiar your new assignment may be. Should you choo-choose to accept it, be prepared for the all-new campaign that includes 20 levels revealing the miraculous world of legends, myths, fiction, and subjective reality.

  • Experience new gameplay with all-new station types, industry buildings, resources, and goods varieties.
  • Obtain authorization and try the 6 new locomotives.
  • Enjoy the refreshed soundtrack with brand-new music.
  • And get to building your own train valley with 300+ new objects for the Steam Level Editor.

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