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Tropico 5 - Generalissimo DLC

Tropico 5 - Generalissimo DLC
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Downloadable Content. This content requires Tropico 5 on the same platform in order to play

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About Tropico 5 - Generalissimo DLC

About this DLC

Thought the Cuban Missile Crisis was over? Far from it! In this latest episode of Tropico 5, history is repeating itself while El Presidente prepares for all-out invasion and large-scale warfare! Build the majestic Defense HQ to instill fear in your enemies, put on the General’s Hat and show your true colours. Let Tropico prevail! All new voice recordings bring the exciting and tumultuous days of the 1960s back to life! 

Key Features

  • New standalone scenario: “Generalissimo” – Fend off a foreign invasion with military strength and propaganda 
  • New building: Defense HQ – Train elite commando squads 
  • New dynasty avatar accessory: The impressive General’s Hat 
  • New sandbox map: Madre de Dios 
  • New music track

YouTube Videos

SuperHarshm Tropico 5 SuperReview
October 17, 2014
Tropico 5 Ep 1 -
July 03, 2016
Whats El Presidente Up to? (Ep #24 - Tropico 5...
February 08, 2018
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