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Two Point Hospital: Exhibition Items Pack

Two Point Hospital: Exhibition Items Pack
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About Two Point Hospital: Exhibition Items Pack

About this DLC

What is Art? Sure, it’s paintings and sculptures and things like that. But really… what is Art? Well, rather than dip into that profound can of worms, we’ve summarised our answer with a lovely collection of items.
Here’s just a few of the items in the Exhibition Pack (full list at the bottom of the page):

True Art!
Savour the significance of this wonderful series of arty sculptures. Communicating meaning, feelings, and… more, these blocks of various materials will touch you in ways you didn’t think possible.

Celestial motion!
Are you the type of hospital administrator who likes things to run like clockwork? Or do you, perhaps, schedule your tasks by the planets themselves?
Well, as unwise as that is, given the existence of clocks, we’re fully in support of your actions and have included a wonderful orrery, a mechanical model of the Solar System.

Natural history!
Unearth your inner palaeontologist with a remarkable collection of skeletal finds, proudly excavated and mounted. Did they have feathers? Did they have scales? Did they have sandwiches for lunch? Sadly, all the evidence is extinct, but, like the greats, you can have fun guessing.

The full list of included premium items:

  • - Pin Art
  • - Space Cowboy
  • - Accordionatron
  • - Some Keys
  • - Floppy Clock
  • - Fossil
  • - Fitzpocket Statue
  • - Cheesewater Statue
  • - Gasplank Statue
  • - Black & White
  • - Fascinator
  • - Orrery
  • - Lion's Head
  • - Maestropod
  • - Silver Fox
  • - Pine Cone
  • - Bust
  • - Armless Statue
  • - Hypercube
  • - Puzzling Cubes
  • - Blob Fish
  • - Rocket Pig
  • - Swinging Balls
  • - Cat Person
  • - Ex-Lizard
  • - Bone Monster
  • - Mount Facemore
  • - Dog Portrait
  • - Ghost Mirror
  • - Velocipede

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