Warstone OST, Artbook and Comics

Warstone OST, Artbook and Comics
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Downloadable Content. This content requires Warstone TD on the same platform in order to play

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About Warstone OST, Artbook and Comics

About this DLC

Welcome! We are the team of Battlecruiser Game! We are the people who created Warstone TD.

Let us guess:

- You want to look at the project models in more details.

- To see the art pieces that didn't make it to the game.

- To find out interesting facts about the development.

- To learn secrets of the game.

- You want to see more amusing comics in Warstone style.

- Or maybe you would like to see the old comics?

Well, we've been waiting for your visit and made an unusual artbook for you!

Yeah, yeah! You've heard it right! Only for you, whole thirty pages of everything you've read above!

We have also put together all the music you can hear in Warstone.

35 minutes of this music will be enough to fully relax.

1. Glorious City / 2:44

2. The Approaching War / 2:31

3. War and Peace / 2:37

4. Go On the Offensive / 2:40

5. Troll Battle / 1:48

6. Hopelessness / 2:27

7. Hometown / 3:33

8. Front Line / 2:16

9. Battle For Homeland/ 2:54

10. A Premonition of Victory / 2:09

11. Last Castle / 2:07

12. Return of Heroes / 2:35

13. Main Menu Theme / 2:03

14. [Bonus Track] - Guards Main Theme / 1:59

Wow! We didn't expect anybody to read these descriptions till the end! There's nothing else here... But it looks like you are one of those people who take things they do seriously...So... Hmmm... High five!

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