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Alice: Madness Returns the Complete Collection

Age Restricted Content

ESRB rating of 13
PEGI rating of 18

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Alice: Madness Returns the Complete Collection
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Edition: the Complete Collection
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About Alice: Madness Returns the Complete Collection

About this game

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Alice who very much believed in fairytales. Her vivid imagination created a place called Wonderland, a world full of magic, white rabbits, and tea parties. Then a man named American McGee entered the picture, and everything changed. He tossed the storybook out the window and gave us a seriously sinister version of this well-known tale. Now he\'s back with Alice: Madness Returns – download the Complete Collection to your PC and return to his twisted vision of Wonderland. After losing everything in a house fire, going insane, living in a mental institution, and exploring a disturbing version of Wonderland, you’d think that McGee would be done torturing poor Alice. Well, think again. After 10 years, Alice may be ready to leave the institute and start over, but McGee has other plans for our heroine. Haunted by frightening images of her dead parents, she begins to question how “accidental” their death really was. Driven to madness again, Alice tries to escape to Wonderland, but the entire world is in shambles thanks to her mental state. The land is stained with blood, and the creatures are completely broken down. The only way out is through the madness: Alice must confront and conquer her demons to save her sanity and restore Wonderland. The Complete Edition includes:

  • Alice: Madness Returns Weapons Of Madness And Dresses Pack – Return to Wonderland and battle the corruption with all new weapon upgrades as well as 6 new collectible dresses.
  • Weapons
    • Octo-grinder - this weapon increases ammo limit and provides double the ammo. An enhanced version of the Pepper Grinder.
    • Knightmare - restores gamers’ health with each hit. An enhanced version of the Hobby Horse
    • Catnip Cannon — This weapon increases damage to enemies by 50 percent. An enhanced version of the Teapot Cannon
    • Vorpal Cleaver — This weapon reduces damage from enemies by 50 percent. An enhanced version of the infamous Vorpal Blade
    • Note: These weapons are only available after you have unlocked the base weapon as you play through the story. Once you have unlocked the base weapon, you will have an option to switch it out for a more powerful version of it at the Main menu under “EQUIP”.
  • Dresses
    • The Fleshmaiden Dress causes hysteria at any time.
    • The Hattress - causes a player to lose teeth instead of health.
    • The Checkmate Dress - deals out double the damage for all weapons.
    • The Late but Lucky Dress - imbues a player’s health with the power of Shrinking Violets.
    • The Cheshire Dress — disables all Rose Drops from enemies.
    • The Caterpillar Dress — keeps Shrink Sonar active.
    Note: The dresses can be worn at any time by selecting them in the main menu under “EQUIP”.
  • Bonus Game – The original American McGee’s Alice Includes the original 2000 PC game American McGee’s Alice. This game is available at the Main menu of Alice: Madness Returns.
  • Intense 3rd person Action – Use multiple upgradeable melee weapons, including the explosive Teapot Cannon, the punishing Hobby Horse, and the classic Vorpal Blade.
  • Explore A Dark And Shattered Wonderland – Encounter familiar but now strange characters, including the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar and the Red Queen.
  • Magical Abilities – Obtain peculiar abilities in Wonderland such as floating with Alice’s dress, shrinking, or growing to towering sizes in order to crush enemies.
  • Interactive Puzzles – Intuitive and rewarding puzzles such as transforming obstacles, musical memories, chess, and picture blocks.

Game details

ESRB rating of 13
PEGI rating of 18
Release Date:
December 01, 2012
Alice Madness Returns
Spicy Horse
Supported Languages:
English +

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