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About Beholder

About this game

Welcome to a grim dystopian future

Most of the time a game set within countries plagued by totalitarian regimes casts you as the chosen hero who must rise up against their oppressors. Beholder, however, places you in the shoes of a state-installed manager of an apartment building. You can fulfill your role, ensuring that your residents live by the law, or you can go up against your paymasters by respecting the privacy of your neighbors.

Watch and eavesdrop on your tenants, plant 'evidence' to have them arrested and taken away, and live the dream with your family. Or, you could place a gun under your son's mattress and have him taken away by the police. Every choice is yours. That young man downstairs is playing that darn music AGAIN. Feed him to the lions, warn him, blackmail him, let him be, do whatever you think is right. Or wrong.

This Big Brother State has entrusted you with providing its people with a place to stay... and be spied upon. Sneak into their apartments at night, tamper with evidence, or simply aid their desire to live free.


  • Multiple interesting endings depending on the choices you've made
  • Hours of fun through following orders
  • Or hours of fun through vigilantism

YouTube Videos

Jacob Manishek Sih Bandar Penjual - [ Beholder ] #1
June 03, 2017
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January 30, 2019
Beholder complete edition gameplay!
March 29, 2021

Critic Reviews

Critic Review Score  
(26 Reviews)
Reviews provided by OpenCritic
The Escapist
"If you're a fan of suspenseful political games that balance surveillance and resource management with a dystopian setting, then Beholder is definitely worth picking up."
90 / 100
"Beholder is a management sim and a moral quandary all in one. It’s easy to become consumed by the lives of Carl Stein and the apartment dwellers he’s been hired to spy on, with...
8 / 10
"While Beholder isn’t exactly a title that’s set to shake up the indie scene, the intriguing premise and solid execution makes it well worth seeking out all the same."

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86% of users would recommend this.

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Fanatical User
Posted: 2 months ago
Verified purchase
not Bad But so tired puzzle and so bored...
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Posted: 3 months ago
Verified purchase
Awesome and very original game, it can be very sad at times but it was an awesome experience anyways! It encorages multiple replays to obtain the best ending wich is a good thing!
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Look look you looker

Posted: 3 months ago
Verified purchase
If you like spying others....that's the game for you!
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Posted: 3 months ago
Verified purchase
Beholder is an excellent point-and-click game with an Orwellian ambience and story. Without spoiling too much (part of the fun), you are just another individual tasked with upholding the law, obeying your orders and making sure your neighbourhood does so too, all the while taking care of your family. Or are you? Captivating, filled with decisions and real consequences, Beholder is a great little gem of a game. A must-have for fans of the genre and setting.
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Beholder Review

Sam Jones
Posted: 5 months ago
Staff Review
An extremely interesting concept in a game that is mostly about player choice. Beholder tests how far a person will go to please their superiors, or to go against them. A brilliant blend of dark humor and chilling atmosphere works incredibly well to create a truly wonderful experience.
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