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Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic!

Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic!
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About Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic!

About this game

Attention all units this is an emergency! We have experienced a communications failure to the Bishoujo Battle team. If you are receiving this message please dive into Cyberspace and attempt to rescue your comrades.

"Mission Control, this is Ai Ichigaya. Message received. I'm on my way!"

■ Your Mission

The Bishoujo girls from "Rick G Earth" mobile military turn-based strategy game from Japan are here and it's your task to save the team! There are 50 stages in total! 40 regular challenges plus additional special stages that follow. Clear all the the stages and collect all the characters!

■ Game Play

・Play as well-known Lieutenant Ai Ichigaya
・Open areas back up by moving around and surveying the battlefield
・The bigger and faster you're able to clear areas the more points you earn
・Complete a rescue by removing 75% of the communications barrier
・ Be sure to avoid bugs, computer viruses and other Cyberspace enemies
・ Characters who have communications restored will be added to the gallery

◆ Bishoujo Battle Characters!

・ 40 "Rick G Earth" Bishoujo girls in total!
・ Several Weapon Girls are also included
・ Clear 40 basic rescues then an additional 10 special stages will be added
・ During the special stages, Bishoujo girls will appear in different costumes!?!?

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