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About BoomBox

About this game

In BoomBox you can challenge yourself through sequences of interactable objects and obstacles, improving your skill as you conquer levels of varying difficulty.

Customize the gameplay to your liking: it could be a fitness routine, a dance fest, or a method to improve your drumming skills. You don’t just play within the confines of the game - you make the game! Use your creativity and think outside the box, designing new maps through the intuitive editor. Exercise, play, and compete on the global leaderboard to be the next champion!


  • 28 songs mapped with various difficulties for every kind of skill, crafted by the expert mappers from the Atlas Rhythm team, plus a never-ending number of custom maps from our amazing Community.
  • 380+ DMCA-free songs for the community mapping; the community maps available for download directly from the game.
  • Multiplayer: Compete with your friends in online matches!
  • Achievements, Skins, and other customization options.
  • 16 [Quest] or 20 [Steam] unique designed environments to adventure. 
  • Editor: plenty of features for the community to map with the Editor built by our Dev. team.
  • Local and Global Leaderboards: compete with players from all over the world.
  • Meet Pupa: our lovely kitty will be part of your amazing adventures, don't forget to pet her!


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