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Brain Marmelade

Brain Marmelade
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About Brain Marmelade

About this game

Brain Marmelade is a 2D platformer/ adventure game with an hand-draw creepy art style and a unique combat system.

This game follows the "Dumped One" in his dangerous quest to find the GLORIOUS Brain Marmelade.

The platformer :

Move around the levels and... Dodge ! Jump ! Jump again and roll to avoid enemies’ traps and attacks !

The combat system :

Place yourself near your foes, focus the cursor on them, take a good look and follow the combo appearing above their head to chain attack them and make them disappear !

Creator note :

This is the first game i’ve made and posted online.
The creation phase ended in september 2018 but i couldn’t upload it to Steam until now.
I never thought that creating a game on my own and carrying the project to its end would require so much effort!
I Hope you’ll enjoy it !
Bye !

Credits and thanks :

Amaury Dangréau (Am.Hyde) - GAME creation.

Arnaud Magous - UI debug, Save System, Gameplay Adviser.

Playtesters :

Musics :
Moonlight Sonata.
Hungarian dance n°5.

Game Details

Release Date:
July 14, 2020
Amaury Dangréau
Arnaud Magous
Amaury Hyde
ACB rating of 6
Supported Languages:

Product Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to ACB, Brain Marmelade is suitable for players aged 6 and above.
  • OS: Windows 7
Brain Marmelade was released on July 14, 2020
Brain Marmelade is published by Amaury Hyde
Brain Marmelade was developed by Amaury Dangréau and Arnaud Magous
Fanatical users tagged Brain Marmelade as Adventure, Action-Adventure, Visual Novel, and Platformer
Fanatical users tagged Brain Marmelade as Side Scroller, Hand-drawn, Noir, and Cute
Yes. Fanatical users tagged Brain Marmelade as having Singleplayer
Yes, Fanatical users tagged Brain Marmelade as Adventure
Yes, Fanatical users tagged Brain Marmelade as Action-Adventure
Yes, Fanatical users tagged Brain Marmelade as Visual Novel

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