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Card Creator

Card Creator
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About Card Creator

About this game

Card Creator is a software tool that allows you to create all types of cards for your own games. Easy enough for amateurs to jump in and create their own designs to complement their games within minutes, but powerful and deep for professional game designers as well. Localized to up to 11 languages, and fully documented and supported by our team, Card Creator is just the tool you need to step up your game!


  • Create unique cards with custom formats: Create any card formats you can imagine using the Card Blueprint tools
  • Easy, fast and fun card editor: Intuitive, drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface with Google’s Material Design that will have you designing your first cards in a matter of minutes!
  • Fully documented and supported: check the Official Guides to learn everything you know, and ask any questions in our Discord server or in the Steam community page.
  • Image Gallery: Start prototyping even if you don't have the graphics with the thousands of icons in the included icon gallery. You can add your own icons to the image gallery as well!
  • Collection management: Drag and drop to arrange your card collections as if they were on your table
  • Accessible data:
    o Import or export your card sets data easily from/to Excel & CSV so you can integrate CC with your custom workflow.
    o Project save format is based on JSON files.
  • Print & Play! Perfect for prototyping AND final printing! Get your card fronts and backs as PNG/JPG images and a ready to print PDF file, with mark cuts, full edge bleeding and up to 700 dpi. See everything as you'll get it in the realtime preview of your print sheets.

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