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City of God I - Prison Empire [上帝之城 I:监狱帝国]

City of God I - Prison Empire [上帝之城 I:监狱帝国]
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About City of God I - Prison Empire [上帝之城 I:监狱帝国]

About this game

Your prison, your way!

Build and manage your own prison in grueling conditions with pixel art prison management sim City of God I – Prison Empire. With this Steam game, you'll need to make prisoners work with maximum efficiency by providing a variety of prison facilities.

In 1984, Crist City passed the law about the private prison. According to the law, the government should 'sell' the prison to the company which offers the highest price.

Now, you're the warden of The Pompeii Prison in the Black Cloud district. As a warden of a private prison, you'll need to solve problems with and for your inmates, such as power supply, waste disposal and prisoners’ need for food, water and accommodation.

Be wary, if you don't provide leisure facilities, some prisoners may not focus on their work or even cause terrible acts which lead to riots, jailbreaks or suicides! 

Build various workshops to keep your prisoners working hard and earning money from the market. 

Produce nearly 100 different goods from workshops including drugs, Gatlin or even RPGs (not the game genre). Control six main workshops - clothing, furniture, electric equipment, handcrafts, chemicals and firearms - and even sell your goods at the market.

Use skilled prisoners from the government and police database, and make those people work in your prison. Choose from thieves, robbers, hackers, killers, bombers and fighters, and assign them to 'special missions'.

Get your minions... sorry, prisoners to break into bank vaults, rob a jewelry store, and kidnap or blackmail wealthy merchants. Designate tailors, carpenters, technicians, chemistry professors and artists to work in different workshops according to their specialty, and have them make valuable goods from raw materials.

Use lawyers, bookkeepers, actors, former police officers, singers, chefs and other 'talents' to work as advisers in your advanced prison.

Make more money to expand your prison empire and use it to influence politicians and gangs in the city. Increase your skill points by developing daily work, and use them to unlock a new project which could be useful to your prison.

Prices of goods and materials will change every day, so be sure to find the best moment to buy materials with the lowest price and sell the goods with the most profit.

Gangs and criminal organizations in Crist City will come to you to seek alliances, trade and even help. When you make friends with some gangs, they may sell you some rare materials or even help you at an important time.

Obviously, there will be street gunfights between the gangs and some gangs may be eliminated by the others. Find a balance between various gangs to avoid one gang’s domination of the city’s streets. If there is only one gang in the city, it may have a negative impact on your prison. 

Buy magazines to increase your skill points and condoms at the grocery or convenience store, but you still need to be careful as there are still venereal diseases and AIDS exist in the game!

Change your hairstyle in the barbershop, and eat different kinds of food such as Peking roast duck, cheeseburger, spaghetti, borscht, Japanese sushi and even Chinese snacks at various restaurants.

Order a glass of Bourbon in a nightclub or have a bottle of wine, and even stay at hotels to increase your stamina and improve your physical condition. Have some fun at the nightclub with dancers and enjoy special services in the massage parlors, including 'illegal activities' in the foot spa center.


  • Hours of addictive empire-building fun
  • Freedom to explore the dangerous city of Crist
  • Retro-style sim with vast management and customization tools

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