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About Darksburg

About this game

Darksburg is a cooperative survival action game where 4 players team up to survive the hordes of Infected that have overwhelmed the town of Darksburg. Assume the role of one of the heroic Survivors or the devious Revenants, all with unique skills and personalities, and master their abilities to take on the hardest challenges!

  • Master an unforgiving cooperative gameplay to survive the hordes of infected that overtook Darksburg.
  • Explore various maps with different objectives and gameplay modes, including the infamous Last Stand!
  • Manage (very) limited resources and master each survivor’s skills to prevail!
  • Play as the Revenants and plan the most devious ambushes to stop the Survivors!
  • Challenge your team with the highest difficulty levels for even greater rewards.
  • Improve your favorite survivors with items and unlockable talents.

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