ENDLESS™ Dungeon 'Last Wish Edition'

Available from: May 15, 2023. This game will be playable in approximately 3 months. 
ENDLESS™ Dungeon 'Last Wish Edition'
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Will not activate in United Kingdom

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About ENDLESS™ Dungeon 'Last Wish Edition'

About this game

Pre-purchase Information

The product will be delivered on or before May 15, 2023.

Get ready to say your prayers! Pre-Order ENDLESS™ Dungeon 'Last Wish Edition' now and enjoy exclusive content straight out of the Station!

  • Standard Game
  • 48-hour Early Access
  • Immediate Access to the "Final Rodeo" OpenDev
  • Closed Beta Access
  • 'Die-Hard Elite' Skin Pack (3 hero skins)
  • 'Pioneer Elite' Skin Pack (3 hero skins, 4 weapon skins, 1 Crystal Bot Skin) (Pre-Order Exclusive)
  • 'Reckless Squad' Digital Artbook
  • Digital Original Soundtrack ft. singer Lera Lynn and composer Arnaud Roy
  • Amplifiers badges and avatars (Pre-Order Exclusive)

The latest entry in the ENDLESS series from AMPLITUDE Studios, ENDLESS Dungeon Last Wish Edition sees you trying to escape, but much more as well.

ENDLESS Dungeon Last Wish Edition also gives you access to:

  • Pioneer Elite Skin Pack
  • Die-Hard Elite Skin Pack
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Digital Art Book

Discover The Secrets

The goal is to escape the Endless facility your ship has crashed into. To do this, players must escort a crystal through the dungeon while protecting it from waves of enemies with turrets and their heroes' weapons and abilities. Taking direct control of these heroes will be essential in overcoming these challenges as each hero comes with their own set of skills. Players can also upgrade their heroes and turrets as they progress through the dungeon, allowing them to better combat the increasingly dangerous monsters that await them. Additionally, players will face bosses of increasing power as they make their way to the end of the dungeon. These bosses will test your skill and tactics in order to ensure a successful escape.

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

Exploring a mysterious and dangerous shipwreck is no easy feat. To go it alone would be foolish, so it's important to bring friends along for moral and tactical support. Even with a group, the risks can be significant due to the myriad of potential perils that lie in the depths. It's best to stay together when possible but spread out when needed, as more eyes and firepower make all the difference. Our heroes will likely find themselves overwhelmed if they try to tackle every threat head-on, so the key to survival is finding a way to channel their collective strength into one spot in order to push back against overwhelming odds. By working as a team, they can protect each other from harm and ultimately overcome any challenge that stands between them and victory.

Pick The Right Tool For The Job

The creations of the Endless on this station are many and varied, ranging from small and numerous to large and imposing. Most of them are quite dangerous, so it is important to be prepared to face them with the right tools and knowledge. For example, a big gun that shoots lightning bolts may be effective against robotic enemies but could prove useless against a swarm of creepy crawlers. It is not enough just to have the right weapons when facing the creations of the Endless — knowledge is also key!

Game Details

Release Date:
May 17, 2023
Early Access Date:
Supported Languages:
English +

Product Requirements

Steam account is required for game activation and installation.

Windows Requirements


  • OS: Windows 10, 64-bit 
  • Desktop CPU: any Intel Core from 8th generation or i5 from 4th generation or above / any AMD Ryzen or AMD FX-8370 or above 
  • Desktop GPU: NVIDIA GTX 760 / AMD R9 280 
  • RAM: 8Gb 
  • Additional Notes: 720p, Medium quality, 30fps


  • OS: Windows 10, 64-bit  
  • Desktop CPU: any Intel Core from 9th generation or i5 from 8th or above / any AMD Ryzen 5000 Series or Ryzen 5 3500X or above 
  • Desktop GPU: NVIDIA GTX970 or RTX 2060 or above / AMD RX 580 or RX 5700 or above 
  • RAM: 12Gb
  • Additional Notes: 1080p, High quality, 60fps

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